ExLibris 0.2

ExLibris is a simple configuration tool for Prolog code. Unsurprisingly it is a Prolog program itself. The main idea is to help with the development of re-usable code organised as Prolog libraries. Re-usability is encouraged by organising one's source in central home library and then various projects pick code from there. When the programmer wants to communicate the code relevant to a particular project, ExLibris can be used to pick all relevant code from the home libraries and bundle them into a local directory (in relation to the exportation path). Some mild transformations are performed to hold the exported project coherent and independent. It runs on SICStus 3.9.0, Swi-Prolog 5.0.6, and Yap 4.3.23 .

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Last update 2002-08-05
Nicos Angelopoulos