Probabilistic Finite Domains (Pfds)

Pfds (also known as clp(pfd(c)) are a formalism for probabilistic reasoning in a Constraint Logic Programming framework. For theoretic issues see my publications. These pages are more concerned with the Prolog implementation of Pfds.

Pfds have been implemented as a Prolog meta-interpreter. This was developed and runs in SICStus Prolog. We also have tried to keep it compatible with the Yap engine. However, Yap does not have a finite domains solver so interaction between Pfds and finite domains in not available.

Some example programs and the correspondance of machine readable syntax to the syntax used in the papers can be found in this directory.

You can download the meta-interpreter in the form of a SICStus executable (you need SICStus on a Linux box to run this). This tarred gzipped directory also includes some examples. For the source code or a Yap state, email me.

Here is the syntax used in the meta-interepreter.

You can try the Pfds meta-interpreter on-line.

Last update 2003-12-10 Nicos Angelopoulos