persistent, user code inclusive, documentation server for linux

This library creates, uses and manages a persistent documentation server on a single port.
In addition to serving all Prolog library code as per doc_server/1, spuds/1 also serves installed packs and all user code declared as such, on the same server.


This library has been developed and (only) tested on linux systems.
It is likely it will work on MacOS with small modifications.


It is highly recommended that you install from within SWI using its package manager.
To install simply do:

?- pack_install(spuds).

And then load by :
?- [library(spuds)].

A unix process server can be set to start at boot time, (see spuds(server/swipl-spuds)).

This library depends for some of its functionality on: os_sub


module documentation: spuds.html
sources: spuds


Nicos Angelopoulos
November, 2013