The following programs are written in Prolog.

Most projects are hosted on github and distributed as SWI-Prolog libraries (see packs list).

Bims: Bayesian inference of model structure

Bims: implementing Markov chain Monte Carlo over Model Structures (see publications).
(Earlier versions distributed as MCMCMS.)

gBN: BNs for large cohort genomic studies.

gBN: A suite of analysis tools around learning of Bayesian networks, via GOBNILP, for large genomic, cancer cohorts.

Parameter estimation for SLPs

pepl: an implementation of the FAM algorithm for Stochastic Logic Programs.


Real: integrative functional statistics with R and logic programming.
RealOS: a data analytics desktop OS for Raspberry 4.


proSQLite: a Prolog library for the SQLite database system.


bio_db: Prolog access to high-quality biological databases.
Includes 4 back-ends: Prolog facts, proSQLite, RocksDB and Berkeley DB.


pubmed: pubmed interrogation tool for Prolog.


by_unix: an elegance layer to calling unix commands.


r_session: a first attempt to Prolog<->R communication.

http server for ODBC databases

hdb is a generic http server for odbc databases. Currently this has limited documentation.

probabilistic finite domains

pfds: a meta-interpreter for Pfds.


Upsh: run Prolog scripts from the operating system command prompt.

ex libris

ExLibris: a library-centric approach to developing and distributing Prolog, open-source.
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